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15 / 16 december 2018

Charles Dickens Festijn.

In Deventer

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A Bridal Song

1. The golden gates of Sleep unbar Where Strength and Beauty, met together, Kindle their image like a star In a sea of glassy weather! Night, with all thy stars look down,— Darkness, weep thy holiest dew,— Never smiled the inconstant moon On a pair so true. Let eyes not see their own delight;— Haste, swift Hour, and thy flight Oft renew. 2. Fairies, sprites, and angels, keep her! Holy stars, permit no wrong! And return to wake the sleeper, Dawn,—ere it be long! O joy! O fear! what will be done In the absence of the sun! Come along!

Citaat van de dag

"Niet iedereen die rondzweft is verdwaald.
Not all those who wander are lost. "
- J.R.R. Tolkien -
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